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Expertise, patience, innovation, creativity and organisation. A motto of a tech brand or everything that makes a wedding complete? If you’re a bride, it’s definitely the latter. So, where do you find these qualities that will give you a wedding you desire?

On an App! Wed Upp, a mobile application that serves as an interactive platform for your guests and a partner for you. A tap of a button and expressing, sharing and planning is simplified. Wed Upp takes conventional wedding adventures on a digital spectrum.

Your Wedding Experience


Why share stories on one platform, pictures on another and real-time experiences on a third, when you can showcase all your wedding shenanigans at one place?

Your wedding gets its very own space. Connecting with friends and family, playing games, texting on group chats, now possible on Wed Upp. The best part?

It's all about you! A common ground for you and your guests to enjoy your wedding. Isn't this the epitome of personalisation?

Your Wedding Through The Eyes of Your


Are you worried your photographer won’t be able to capture every detail? Don’t. Wed Upp’s in-app camera, quirky filters and a photo sharing space allow you to see what your guests are up to.

They can create and store memories by uploading or downloading pictures and videos. Tags, comments & share widgets make it more fun!

Your Wedding Planned By Us Customised

By You

Revolutionising the traditional invites, pictures, games and fun; Wed Upp gives you the opportunity to customise your wedding.

Manage your guest lists, invites, RSVPs, travel, stay and food preferences. Besides being an organisation tool, Wed Upp’s e-invites, personalised notifications, photo library and exciting games make sure your wedding experiences are tailor-made from ground level.

Your Wedding

A Dream Come True

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Moving above and beyond the functions of just being a mobile Application, Wed Upp aims to be your partner. It aims to be with you at every step of your new journey, it aims to help you cherish all your favourite moments,

it helps you store your memories, and more than anything else, it aims to help you bring the wedding of your imagination come to life. It aims to become a memento of your wedding for your guests.


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