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RSVP Manager

​Get updated about who’s coming and who’s not through RSVPs. Allot rooms and provide flight and transport information to your guests for your destination wedding.

Photo Sharing

​Upload and download features on the app allow your guests to upload pictures from their gallery. They also get to view pictures and videos uploaded by others of the wedding in one place and interact with them through likes and comments.

Digital Invites

​Give a contemporary touch to your good ol’ invites by sending them out on a digital platform. Use Wed Upp’s E-Invites to send invitations to your guests. All you need to do is feed in details on a set-template!


Have a separate guest list for different functions? Create a bucket of guests for specific events and send invites only to them.

Download & Share

Download pictures directly from the application or share them instantly on ​other social media sites through Wed Upp.

Camera Filters

Personalised wedding centric filters for quirky pictures. Feeling too ‘jhakas’? How about stamping it on your even more jhakas picture?


You get to choose what your app looks like. Easy customisable themes that help you reflect your ideas through set-templates.


​First impressions last. A user​ can showcase their individuality and let their friends and family know, who they are & what they like.

Photo Album

Capture your memories on a photo album or frame it in a collage.

Map the venue

Easy accessibility to all venues for various functions through in-app google maps make travel convenient for all your guests.

Notifications & Alert

​Don’t want people to miss out on any of your functions? Send them a reminder in advance or on-day about the ​function, date and time​ through in-app notifications and SMS.

Profile Notifications

Someone uploaded a picture of you or commented on your photo? Get instantly notified about all the activities happening on your profile. x

Food & Alcohol Preferences

Vegetarian, vegan, non-vegetarian, social drinker, non-drinker – so many choices! Know about your guests’ preferences through Food & Alcohol Preference Widgets.

Get Information From The Family

Your guests are facing a problem during the wedding? Don’t worry. They can send a message directly to the person in-charge from your family through the app to get more information.

20 Questions

​​Don’t you want to know how well your guests know you? The ‘20 Questions’ game is where the guests have to answer the ‘Who Is More Likely To’ questions about the bride & groom. E.g: Who is more likely to get late for a meeting? Ans: Bride or Groom.

iSpy Wedding Game

Put your guests to task as they have fun scouting for things while you get all the pictures your photographer missed! ISPY gives a pre-set list of interesting things guests can photograph and upload on an album.


​Posed for every flashing camera, but don’t know where the pictures are? Tagging features allow others to tag a photo of you, so you can view it with ease. What’s even better? You have the option to only see pictures of yourself and not scroll through hundreds of them to find yours!

Truth & Dare

​No need to spin the bottle! Wed Upp’s Truth & Dare game allows the guests to send a question to fellow guests that they have to answer truly. For the adventurers, send or accept ‘dares’ to add some zing to the wedding!

Happy Couple Manual

What’s the secret to happy marriage? Well, there isn’t a one. So how did you friends and family make this far? They had words from the wise to guide them through. Believe it or not, you’ll need them too. Let your friends and family leave you well wishes and cautionary tales in your Happy Couple Manual.

Meme generator

Memories or Memeries? Are you even on the internet, if you haven’t even made or laughed at one meme? Wed Upp’s Meme Generator lets you make memes out of pictures clicked by you at the wedding!

Control Your App

Customisable widgets and sections that give you full control of what ​your​ users can or cannot see.

24x7 Support

Assistance provided round the clock to solve all your queries and help you through difficulties.

OLA Direct

A hassle-free ride for the guests through OLA Direct. Book a cab to the venues using in-app OLA Direct Services.

Gatecrash Code

A unique wedding code for all invitees created by you. Your guests can log in with the code you created to be a part of your wedding.

Team Bride - Team Groom Meter

​If you’re playing a game, you have to keep score! The meter keeps real-time score accounting for all games, number of photos shared, number of likes and more by the respective parties.

Verified User

You have your very own fam-celebrities? Let them know how special they are by giving them a verified mark on their accounts.


If you do not prefer taking gifts from your guests, you can give them an option to donate to a charity you support.

Pre-Wedding Upload

I​f you and your partner have captured your love prior to the wedding and want to share it with the world, the Pre-Wedding Photo Upload option lets you post your pre-wedding shoot pictures!

Countdown Clock

A time-tracker that constantly updates you with remaining days and time left for the event.

Registry for gifting (Buying Gift card Options)

What if you really needed a lamp for your house, but all you got was crockery? The Register lets your guests know what your gift preferences are.


All conversation of the wedding and for the wedding should happen in one space. The in-app messaging features help you to create group chats, send broadcasts as well personal message people on the app.

Digital Keep Safe

Once you experience a wedding on Wed Upp, you’ll be able to cherish the memories forever. There’s no expiration date for the app. Your guests can use the app for different weddings too!

Plus One

Weddings can be dull if you have to sit through it alone. Plus One allows your guests to add someone they want to bring to your wedding.​


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