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Diving from a helicopter, walking on the streets in another part of the world, watching a music concert or learning a new subject - all this is possible on a tap of a button. If your life experiences can go digital, why shouldn’t your wedding too? As much as weddings are for the happy couple and their life ahead, it is also for the people involved.

Weddings are about sharing love, showing support, the excitement of a new life & goodbye to the old. They are about blessings, bonds and bickering. And, well, Indian weddings come with an extra dose of masti.

This App is to capture all of it and enable you to revisit the past with as much delight! Besides safeguarding these memories, Wed Upp App also helps you plan your wedding. A one-stop-shop for guests to interact and for you to lay the groundwork of your wedding.

Guest lists planning, RSVPs, travel & accommodation, digital invites, notifications, games and photo sharing - all of it possible on Wed Upp. A 360-degree solution for all your wedding nightmares!

Our Story

'Big Ideas Have Small Beginnings'. Our story didn’t start with a 'eureka' moment. It started with just another day, another wedding. A rather beautiful wedding in Turkey, with our friends and family. Ironic, isn’t it? An idea for a wedding app at a wedding. However, what seems ironic now, seemed like an opportune moment for them, then.

Like every destination wedding, the guests had a gala time. Nok-Jhok, naach-gaana, games, food, drinks and tonnes of pictures - a wedding that could easily qualify for a Bollywood movie. However, the thing about movies is that you live and breathe every moment of it as it plays out on the screen. But the drama is reserved only for the audience. What if everyone was privy to everything that goes on in the wedding? What if you get to cherish your experiences and view what others did too?

Shalin and Prathmesh, over a cup of coffee, realised that rewinding their time at the wedding was much more difficult than they first thought. Pictures all over social media, bride vs groom battles, sangeet fails, happy tears, planning stress - all seemed like a distant memory that could not be stored in one place. It’s then when the idea of Wed Upp struck.

They saw a gap in the wedding experience and knew that they could fill it with something concrete. An app that is not only your partner but your wedding itself. With a strong technical background, they needed someone with a little more knowledge and experience in the wedding industry. And, they found it in Poonam & Aanal from Marriage Mantra. The four of them joined hands and set out to create an experience for you - Wed Upp.

From Your Phone to Your Trousseau

Wed Upp is about cherishing the most beautiful memories and catching them in the right moment. For us, the app is just a beginning. We look forward to building a community, where wedding experiences do not limit themselves to just the bride and groom, but rather extend to everyone involved.

A great wedding happens only once and we want to be the tool that helps you bring your dream wedding come to life. Wed Upp’s vision is to continually evolve and soon move from your phone to your trousseau while changing the dynamics of wedding planning.

In India, we believe that weddings are an affair to remember and retrospect over for seven lifetimes. Our weddings are full of grandeur and every ceremony consists of much pomp and gaiety where guests are treated to emotional and extravagant experiences.

Wed Upp is the ultimate wedding app that will make the whole experience lasting and extraordinary. It is not only an interactive platform for your guests, but also your personal wedding planner. The rise in affluence has transformed the Indian wedding into a lavish affair. Every little thing from the venue, to the decorations, to the food, has to be the best. With most people busy with their careers and the joint family system declining, there is neither time nor the manpower to efficiently organise big weddings. The app encompasses of all things from guest list planning, RSVP’s, travel & accommodation, digital invites to notifications for the events, games and photo sharing. The app is designed to ensure even the tiniest hassles are handled with care.

Prathmesh Kampani
Shalin Doshi
Aanal Mehta
Poonam Ramchandani


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